Mobile Physiotherapy

Feel stronger.
Become more mobile.
Be able to do things you love.

If after one session you don’t feel that you’ll be able to achieve this by working with us,
we’ll give you 100% of your money back.


What people say about us

Jennifer Chan
Jennifer Chan
Victor, Brendon and Gordon, amazing guys. Helped me get back to sport and running. Thank you so much!!!
Stephanie Quaglia
Stephanie Quaglia
Brendon is so easy to get along with and makes you feel comfortable in his sessions. He is very knowledgeable and a great Physiotherapist.
Ruchika Ahuja
Ruchika Ahuja
Brendon helped me with the physio treatment for Achilles tendon. He is very easy to talk to. He observes the patient’s progress after intervals and change the treatment to the best suit. He encourages person to do daily exercises and also helps eliminate possible causes. He advices and checks the daily progress and pain measures through trackers. He put me through exercise program on tracking app. It helped me to build a progressive routine. Would highly recommend Brendon . Thanks
Milan Mahajan
Milan Mahajan
Highly recommended Brendon has helped me recover my lower back issues caused due to a injury in gym . His tips for daily stretches and regular training has helped me a lot
Sean Disbray
Sean Disbray
Bradon is really helpfull and passionate abd looks at what u need to work on and find the safest and best way to do it for yourself
Sidney Eru
Sidney Eru
Brendan is amazing and has helped my clients so much . We cannot thank him enough . Amazing experience definetly recommend !
Josephine Vella
Josephine Vella
I am so glad I found Vuno Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation but more so Brendon as he accomodated my need for in home physiotherapy after knee replacement surgery and is helping me gain both my strength and confidence back. Brendon caters my exercises to my level of recovery and is always there with great advice and support. The best part is he is not only my therapist but a friend as I felt comfortable and in good hands from day one. I highly recommend Vuno Physiptherapy and Rehabilitation and especially Brendon as you’ll be in wonderful and caring hands.
Jose-Romer Cabatu
Jose-Romer Cabatu
I had my initial session with Brendon on the 18th of May 2022. Kudos to his warm demeanor which made me instantly feel safe and comfortable entrusting my physiotherapy needs to him. He was extremely thorough in assessing my situation but at the same time very respectful of my privacy as a patient. The four (4) sessions with him were all productively spent. He arrives at our place well prepared with his stuffs. I have made considerable progress in managing my shoulder pain with the physiotherapy interventions that he has so far implemented. I have high hopes that the remaining sessions with him will enable me to get closer to my goal of least pain or even complete freedom from discomfort with my bursitis. On a rather personal note, Brendon is blessed with the ability to empathise and to motivate, especially with a recent roadblock that I encountered along the way. This particular trait goes well with his highly competent skills and broad knowledge as a Physiotherapist. Overall, it's a delight to work with Brendon.

What you get:

1) Fast improvements with simple changes

  • We prescribe equipment and assistive devices specific to you
  • We help you figure out ways of moving that’s more comfortable and easier to do
  • We provide training for people around you so they can better support you

2) Better strength and mobility

  • To do this, we help you exercise. We make it:
    – Effective and specific to you
    – Fun and easy
    – Safe 
  • Extra support with hands-on therapies
    (eg. massage, dry needling or cupping therapy)

How we help:

Get all of this support in the comfort of your own home.
Our mobile physiotherapists will come to you at a day and time that’s convenient for you.

If you prefer to come to us, we also have a physiotherapy clinic at Seven Hills.

Bonuses & Extras:

As part of your recovery, you may need extra help with everyday activities. 
By working with us, you’ll also have the chance to unlock:

  •  1x   15% discount on physiotherapy sessions for family & friends (max 5 sessions) (Valued up to $115)
  •  1x   Discounted house cleaning for 2 hours (Valued up to $100)* 
  •  1x   Discounted lawn mowing & gardening (Valued up to $80)*
  •  1x   Discounted remedial massage session (Valued at $80)

 *Subject to availability and location. 

What else do you get?

  • Discounted sessions for your carers or family members
    People around you form a big part of your journey.
    The better they feel, the better you do.

  • Directly call and text message your physiotherapist
    Get your questions answered through easy and fast communication. 

    We always respond within 24 hours. 

  • Complimentary online resources and training
    This helps you remember and understand things we talk about. 
    This also help you take action and get results.


  • We connect you to other people that can help you
    If you need any extra support somewhere in life,

    we can help connect you to other people we know can be trusted.

Why are we giving away bonuses?

1) Using these can help you focus on your self-care
Having these can allow you to focus on building your capacity without the extra worry and distraction.

2) You should have choice and control over people you work with.
These bonus sessions allow you to work with us at in a safe and financially risk-free way.
This will then allow you to make an informed decision if you’d like to work with us in the future. 

3) We want to earn your trust 
We want to deliver so much value and knowledge that you see us as welcome guests.
We want to be the people you can rely on for support, motivation and optimism.

(We want to be like Robin, a helpful sidekick that will help you in your journey).


Who is this program for?

People who are looking to:

1) Feel stronger  
2) Become more mobile
3) Be able to do things they love with less pain

Who should NOT do this program?

1) This is not for people who are already happily working with a different physiotherapist.
2) People who don’t want to put in any effort or make sacrifices to change their situation
3) People who only want a massage

What if you don't want to exercise?

That’s okay!

We won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do.
We won’t make you feel bad for not doing it either.

Most people still benefit from other things we help them with
(hands-on therapies, equipment recommendations, activity modifications, caregiver training).

How much does this cost?

We’ll work around your finances or funding availability (if you’re insured).

The first session costs $195.

If you’re not satisfied with our service or the value we provide in this session,
we will give you a full refund. All we just ask is that you give us feedback on how we can improve.
Your first session is risk-free.

This is one of the most important sessions as it includes:
– in depth assessment of your situation
– prescription of a step by step plan to achieve your goals
(you can implement this plan independently by yourself or do it with our help)

**Please note that this session is not just a one hour massage session.**

Follow up sessions start from $95.
These sessions are optional.
Many people decide to keep working with us to get help with implementing their treatment plan.

Programs can include a combination of:
– mobile physiotherapy sessions
– clinic sessions at our Seven Hills Physiotherapy clinic
– telehealth sessions or phone calls
– free online training and resources

If you don’t achieve your goal while working with us, we keep working for free until you do*. 
See the section below if you’re eligible for our VUNO Physiotherapy performance guarantee

Here are some nice to know facts about us and why you should take a chance on working with our physiotherapists

1) You’ll be working with ONE primary physiotherapist
This means you’ll know exactly who you’re working with each time.
You’ll have the peace of mind that they’re up to date with your progress all of the time.


2) You’ll have access to the knowledge of our whole physiotherapy team

Our team has a combined experience of 40 years as physiotherapists. We will discuss your case to come up with recommendations and a rehabilitation program. By doing this, we ensure that you receive high quality care that gets results. 

3) Your rehabilitation will not be disrupted
Since multiple physiotherapists are involved in your care, other physiotherapists can continue your treatments if your primary physiotherapist becomes unavailable (eg. holidays, sick days). 

4) Everything that we do is based on our experience of what’s working with other clients. 

5) We’re up to date with the latest research around physical conditions. 
If we come accross a condition that we’re not up to date on, we’ll spend hours getting up to date with what needs to be done. We’ll present our findings with you to make sure you’re also updated. 

6) Most of our company’s growth is through referrals from existing clients.
Many of the people we worked with referred someone else they know and care about to us. That’s how we’ve been able to grow without too much marketing. 
In 2023, we started advertising on social media because we’ve refined our programs and treatment plans to a point where we can get reliable results.

7) People we work with have been working with us for more than 2 years.
We help people work on their goals even if it takes a long time. When they achieve their initial goal, we then move on to helping them with their next one. 

Worst Case Scenario:

You meet us and we don’t get along.
You get a free consultation and you now know how to improve your mobility.

If anything goes wrong, email us at or call us on 91907599.

Best Case Scenario:

You’re now able to do things you couldn’t do before. 

You’re able to achieve your goals in less time than expected.

Still unsure?

Speak to one of our physiotherapists directly over the phone.

All you have to do is:
1) Call 9190 7599 or email
2) Leave us your contact details and your questions 
3) One of our physiotherapists will call you back within 24 hours.  

You can ask any question you want and we’ll do our best to answer it.
If we can’t help, we’ll point you in the right direction. 

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