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Nov 11, 2023


  • The goal of the first physiotherapy session
  • What happens in the first session

The goal of the first physiotherapy session is to figure out:

  • What a person needs help with
  • The person’s strengths, weaknesses & preferences
  • If and how physiotherapy services can help them

We do this by following a simple framework every session.

1) We listen and learn

Each person’s story is unique.

We go beyond what diagnosis is given to them.
Help the person explore their thoughts, beliefs and confidence levels.
Understand what the person’s life is like at home and in the community.

By doing this, we can help to create a treatment plan that is centered around a person’s needs.

2) We test and assess

We look at people’s movement and their environment.
We also do specific tests to figure out what’s contributing to the person’s mobility issues.

3) We collaborate on a treatment plan

This is based on the person’s goals, preferences and strengths.

A regular treatment plan involves recommendations around:

  • tasks people should temporarily avoid or get help from other people with
  • different ways of moving so people can do things more easily
  • equipment and technology is be beneficial for the person
  • an exercise program to build the person’s capacity
  • hands-on therapies

4) We help set you up for success

To help people get stronger and more independent, we strive to ensure they have access to:

  • An environment that makes moving easier and fun
  • People who are supportive and can keep them accountable
  • Additional online resources and training

What happens after the first session?

After the first session, our hope is that the person is feels confident about what they can do to achieve their goals and overcome their concerns.

Most people chose to continue working with us to help them implement their treatment plan.

Check out our next article to see what ongoing support from VUNO Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation looks like.

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